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Artists of NOVEMBER:

Debbie Faucett

Debbie Faucett is an artist and Carver and long-time resident of Cherry Hill, N. J.  She is self-taught and has discovered the gourd to be her favorite medium to work with.  A gourd is very versatile, and can be made into many different Art pieces, like lamps, bowls, jewelry boxes and sculptures.  

A gourd must be dried and preserved before it can be made into an Art piece.  This process takes about 8 months to a year to completely dry a gourd after it matures on the vine.  After it is completely dried, it is cleaned and preserved so it will last for many, many years.

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Copyright: Debbie Faucett

Copyright: Debbie Faucett

Copyright: Debbie Faucett

Copyright: Debbie Faucett

Copyright: Debbie Faucett

Tim & Courtney


Tim and Courtney are a husband and wife duo that are passionate about video games, art, and saving kittens.


Tim is inspired by artists such as Jhonen Vasquez, Hayao Miyaki, CLAMP, Megan Lawton, and Bruce Tim. He takes a creative approach to his work, focusing on line, shadow, and texture. His favorite medium is ink and graphite which he replicates in Procreate. He enjoys drawing DnD characters, fantasy, comics, logos and shirt designs. 


Courtney is a traditional artist that works in oil paint, pastel, and charcoal. She enjoys applying the method of these traditional mediums into digital works in Procreate. Her favorite subject matter includes flowers, cats, dogs, and other creatures portrayed in a realistic manner. 


Tim and Courtney help with local shelters to design logos and tshirt designs as well as hold pet portrait fundraisers. They have saved over 100 kittens through their own personal fostering journey. Keep an eye on stream for our Kitten Cam which will showcase current foster kittens as well as our resident cats Lance, Diana, and Beanie.


Michael Borowski


Michael Borowski was born in Souderton, Pa, a suburb of Philadelphia. As the son of a highly decorated and respected piano teacher, Cindy Borowski-Burns, Michael’s piano journey started at the early age of 4. While growing up, Michael’s musical interests mainly lay with Classical composers, such as Beethoven, Debussy, Copeland, and Barber. These influences remain with his music today. He was always a fan of Beethoven for his willingness to break the rules, and compose more from his heart. Debussy was in that same category. In fact, Michael still refers to a particular quote of his: "Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art." 

When Michael was about 10 years old, his mother took him to see George Winston at the Academy Of Music in Philadelphia, Pa. That moment inspired Michael to start composing his own music, and improvise daily at the piano. He learned Winston’s full album, “December” by ear, and performed it, along with his own original music anywhere he had a chance. It became his dream and focus to compose, improvise, and perform music for the world to hear. 

Michael went on to study Music Composition at Temple University. There he studied with pianist Charles Abramovic, and composer Maurice Wright. It was at Temple where Michael started playing in bands, and became a highly sought after Keyboard player, particularly in the Jam Band scene. He has toured nationally with various acts such as Manic Mule, Dirk Quinn Band, MiZ, and Philadelphia based Grateful Dead tribute band, Splintered Sunlight. 

Aside from music, Michael is a lover of life, family, and nature. He is a proud father and an amateur beekeeper. Michael also is a strong advocate for finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Michael’s mom, Cindy, who gave him the gift of the piano, passed away from the disease in 2018, after a 12 year struggle. He spends many hours volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Delaware Valley Chapter. He frequently plays concerts to raise funds to help find a cure. 

Michael currently resides in the Philadelphia area with his lovely wife. 

In 2020, Michael gained the attention of Windham Hill Records founder, and Grammy winning producer/Artist, Will Ackerman. It is a dream come true for Michael to be working with Will. His work as an artist and as a producer has influenced Michael's music from a very early age. Ackerman will be producing Michael’s next record at his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, which is due out in November.


The best is yet to come...

Michael Borowski

Tim and Courtney Christopher